For over 85 years, Arthur Bonnet has always been recognised for the quality of its products and its services. Customer satisfaction is, genuinely, our motivation at every stage of their experience with us. This is why we make every effort to be available and open to your questions, to ensure we can provide the right solution every day and in every one of our showrooms. Our customers are today our best ambassadors!

Vincent Jung, Arthur Bonnet Brand Director



Buying a new kitchen is always a rather involved process. At Arthur Bonnet, we want to make your purchase a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Our teams work hard every day to support you at every stage of your project.

To assess your satisfaction and to ensure we are always ready to help, Arthur Bonnet has set up an innovative quality approach, brand new to the kitchen market. The brand has an exclusive tool: Qualiplus*. It is a complete satisfaction survey for collecting your testimonials and ensuring we can always meet your expectations.

Qualiplus: a complete tool for measuring your satisfaction

Two months after the installation of your kitchen, our teams will contact you by email or telephone to ask you some questions about your experience with Arthur Bonnet.

  • Every key stage of the purchase will be covered:
  1. Your overall satisfaction
  2. Your reasons for buying
  3. The inside/outside of the showroom
  4. Your interview with the designer-decorator
  5. The technical survey
  6. Delivery
  7. Installation
  8. Use: products & materials
  9. Recommendation
  10. Identification of future projects

In accordance with the Data Protection act of 6th January 1978, you have the right to access and modify data pertaining to you. You can also oppose Arthur Bonnet’s processing of any data pertaining to you.


Concrete actions launched in-showroom

The objective of Qualiplus is to find out your opinion so that we can pursue our continuous service improvement approach, and always guarantee you the highest quality of products and services.

Every 6 months, a detailed report is sent to showrooms taking part in the Qualiplus project, providing feedback on their customers’ purchase experience. The objective for the showroom is to identify the team’s strengths and their areas for improvement.

This report determines any concrete actions to be implemented by the showroom but also by the Arthur Bonnet brand, to ensure it always guarantees the highest level of quality. Training plans are put in place in showrooms if any requirements are identified. We organise regular training sessions to keep our designer-decorators at the top of their game. The sessions take place at the Arthur Workshop, a creative space at the heart of the showrooms. They can then recommend innovative solutions for your future kitchen.

*Only available in some showrooms.