Scroll to discover the Arthur's Workshop
Scroll to discover the Arthur's Workshop

Welcome in the Arthur Workshop, the very heart of our stores.

Arthur Bonnet proposes you an exclusive service of interior design. .
Doors, workshop, sideboard, paintings, stone floor and tissues:
your designer-decorator develops with you the board of materials and colours
which corresponds best to your desires: your kitchen is created from ground to ceiling.

Make up with our designers-decorators
the materials board of your future kitchen.

Breakfast bar and shelf
in laminate Olive colour

Wall unit fronts
in laminate Slate colour

Worktop in laminate
deco Cement

Base unit fronts
in laminate Aquamarine colour

Libra handle

in clear grey colour

Retro wall paper

Flooring in oak

A touch of orange for
your curtains or accessories

From this panel, the model Harmonie in laminate has emerged

Visit your Arthur Bonnet store
to create your own panel of materials
for your future kitchen!
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