Thibault Desombre

Thibault Desombre


Thibault Desombre trained initially as a cabinet-maker before becoming a member of the Compagnons du Tour de France. He then embarked on a career as a designer, enrolling in ENSAD (the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in Paris. After graduating, he created his first pieces at the P. Parent agency in 1983 where he designed the Diazo chair. In 1986 he joined Grange. There he designed the Shaker’s collection which was awarded the grand prize at the Salon du Meuble.

Producers such as Ligne Roset and Cinna were his next port of call. He worked on table accessory projects designing Bora carafes and Shama cutlery for Ligne Roset and also lighting, with the Mama lamp for Ligne Roset and Eole for Cinna.  His work for brands such as Pleyel (pianos) and Laguiole reflected his eclectic edge. His designs were a great success and he has won many prizes (Via label, Etoile du Design, Excellence Award from Marie-Claire Maison…).

Thibault Desombre’s experience with the Compagnons du Tour de France accentuated and focused his vision of design. Today, he expresses his mastery of all things beautiful through a conciliation of utility and poetry. He imagines and creates objects and furniture with uncluttered lines, full of warmth and narrative.





A few awards:

1998: Club Press Moving Award

1990: For the Zina Collection (Socaline): Design Award from Ville de Paris and Critic’s Award for Contemporary Furniture

1994: Nombre d’Or Award for Contemporary Furniture

1994: VIA Carte Blanche award (Tara collection)

1995: Excellence Award from Marie-Claire Maison

2002: For Mama lighting (Ligne Roset): Via label

2003: For the Alto Seat (Aldform): Award and Label from Observeur du Design

2004: For Spoon urban lighting (Technilum): Award from Observeur du Design

2006: For the Fidelio piano (Pleyel): Via Label and Award from Observeur du Design

2008: Thibaut Desombre began his collaboration with Arthur Bonnet with the “Rendez-vous” kitchen. That same year it won the Observeur du Design award from the Association for the Promotion of Industrial Design(Association pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle – APCI).

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