Consumers have the right to expect honest information about what they are buying. For fitted kitchens, they can buy Arthur Bonnet in total confidence: established in Vendée for 85 years, Arthur Bonnet is the first kitchen manufacturer to be awarded the “Guaranteed French Origin” label.


Awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification, this label is proof of the transparency of French manufacturing. Straight from the Arthur Bonnet factory in Saint-Philbert de Bouaine and built with components of which at least half are manufactured in France (as the label demands), Arthur Bonnet kitchens meet every criteria of the “Guaranteed French Origin” label. History, roots, respect for employees and their work, craftsmanship, industrial precision: In the world of kitchens, Arthur Bonnet is the first manufacturer to proudly wave the “Made in France” flag.





Kitchens made in Vendée for 85 years


Founded in 1927 by Mr Arthur Bonnet, a craftsman cabinet-maker by profession, the brand has proudly safeguarded its roots in Vendée and the Nantes region. Combining elegance and functionality, the company makes kitchens dedicated to the art of entertaining and sharing exceptional moments, the very prerogative of the French lifestyle.

Continuously adapting to consumer demands and searching for the highest quality products, the Arthur Bonnet factory in Saint-Philbert de Bouaine in Vendée gives pride of place to innovation and design.

And the results? The French manufacturer designs and produces kitchens by great designers (the “Signatures” line) combined with the latest trends in decor (“Collections” lines). Each unique kitchen scrupulously respects the specifications defined in-showroom by the customer and the Arthur Bonnet designer-decorator.

At 31st January 2012, Arthur Bonnet employed 280 staff. Employee numbers had grown by 9% in one year. All categories included, the average employee age was 42.5 and years of service close to 17. Dedicating a large part of its turnover to permanent training, Arthur Bonnet is pursuing its equality between men and women mission and today 40% of employees and supervisors are women.



Kitchens guaranteed for 20 years 

logo garantie 20 ans

What is the Arthur Bonnet secret? Inherited expertise and traditional craftsmanship of fitted kitchens coupled with a high-performance industrial approach where each kitchen is tailor-made. On the furniture assembly lines, nothing is left to chance. The layout and size of each kitchen (large volumes, different heights, selection of worktops, choices of materials) are examined in the finest detail.

Arthur Bonnet has its own paint workshop at the cutting-edge of design and decor trends. The company has complete and perfect control of the finishes for lacquered kitchen units. On the back of its industrial processes and thanks to quality checks that are the responsibility of each and every employee, Arthur Bonnet can offer every customer the peace of mind of a 20-year guarantee for all kitchen furniture and mechanisms. By choosing Arthur Bonnet kitchens (made in France, the Guaranteed French Origin label now proves that), consumers can be certain they will receive the support and assistance of a major brand before, during and after the purchase of their kitchen.

The stakes are high, with many industrial, design, commercial and aesthetic choices to make. But the high demands and strong positions Arthur Bonnet has taken, now strengthened by the “Guaranteed French Origin” label, mean that today more than ever before the company has reinforced its rightful position on the market.