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Arthur Bonnet fitted kitchens: a French flavour

A combination of elegance and functionality coupled with a kitchen dedicated to the pleasure of entertaining: this is the particularity of Arthur Bonnet’s French savoir-faire.  Arthur Bonnet kitchens have a remarkable variety of layouts with a wide choice of different heights for worktops and a great deal of storage space.

At the source: a design approach

At the very beginning of an Arthur Bonnet kitchen, there is always in-depth consideration and reflection on consumer needs. The result of this consideration is functional, ergonomic and aesthetically appealing kitchens created by a team of designers. For the Atmosphère kitchen and in collaboration with designer Didier Gomez, in 2005 Arthur Bonnet received the Janus de l’Industrie award.

Demand for the highest quality

Arthur Bonnet represents over 85 years of experience in fitted kitchens and tailor-made designs with, in particular, authentic expertise in wood and lacquer. Security in industrial strength, expert craftsmanship, respect for the environment: Arthur Bonnet’s primary and permanent concern is for the quality of its fitted kitchens. This everyday commitment allows us to provide a high level of guarantee: our kitchen furniture including runners and hinges is guaranteed against any damage resulting from manufacturing faults for 20 years, the doors for 10.

The highest quality has always been a primary commitment for Arthur Bonnet. Proof lies in the company’s ISO 9001 certification since 2001. A control plan tracks every critical phase of manufacture and staff are regularly trained in different safety and quality criteria.

Practical and efficient equipment and accessories

The best equipment and accessories belong in an Arthur Bonnet kitchen. Essential for storage, a complete range of accessories means everything is to hand.




The Arthur Bonnet production site: unique expertise

Arthur Bonnet furniture is made to order to your specifications on the industrial site of Cuisines Design Industries in Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine in Vendée, France. Today, Cuisine Design Industries employs around three hundred people in the manufacture, assembly and sales departments.

To meet new challenges caused by changes to the fitted kitchen market, for five years now production resources have been in a renovation, modernisation and improvement phase to increase productivity. This is illustrated in particular by the creation of an automated door machining centre.

This modernisation of our industrial resources relies on a re-organisation of our human resources too. Instead of a rigid, hierarchical workplace structure, Arthur Bonnet prefers an organisation by process (supported by the ISO 9001 standard). This horizontal organisation involves every employee from marketing to engineering, industry to sales, with each sector using its skills to move the company and its projects forward.