nooks-shelves-agileoAgileo, the freedom of a real custom fit

For example, to capitalize on the high ceilings in this expansive living area, the wall cabinets extend all the way up for maximum storage. The same space-optimizing approach was also applied to the island, which makes use of Alto cabinetry. Measuring 86.4 cm (versus 72 cm in the standard line) and paired with bases that are 7 cm shorter, these cabinets offer significantly more volume, with 21% more storage space!

Another undeniable advantage is that Alto cabinets give you the option of raising your food preparation and washing up stations—practical for taller people or anyone who wants to avoid leaning over the sink.

Nooks and shelves

These features are perfect for creating sleek and stylish linear kitchens or visual divisions between the kitchen and living areas. They are fully customizable, with your choice of style, shape, colour and more than 100 finishes for four different materials. What’s truly revolutionary about the nooks is the way they are assembled—and disassembled. They can be taken apart with ease if you move.

The shelves come with very effective and discreet locking latches: perfection down to the smallest details.